Helping you to find your new remote control


The Easy Way to Find Your New Remote Control

Finding a replacement remote control when yours has been broken or lost can be a nightmare.
This is why we set up to help you find the remote control you are looking for. With the increasing number of brands and model numbers it can be quite a minefield.

One problem that is becoming increasingly common is with the Supermarket brands, the likes of Technika and ONN. The problem with these is that because they are just a brand name put on the front of the equipment for the supermarket in question, there is no manufacturer to provide you with after-sales support. The people in the supermarket themselves in general won't be able to help either as they are there to just sell the items. They do not keep any stocks of spare parts etc, and unfortunately a remote control counts as a spare part.


When looking for a replacement remote control it is VERY advisable to check the model number on the back of the equipment rather than just take it from the user guide. A lot of time and effort could be wasted if you have the wrong user-guide.

Also beware of going by looks. Although the remote you see may look the same, it is the infra-red signalling that is key and may different for your particular model.

Don't assume that because it is for the same brand as your TV etc that it will work. It may, but chances are it will not. This is particularly important for the Supermarket brands as they obtain stock from a variety of manufacturers so the 19" LCD they are selling this week could well be made by a different manufacturer next week!!